Spend your time in paradise while doing something good for others

About volunteering

We currently have 160 children and only 5 teachers working full time in Wake Up Zanzibar. When we started we didn’t expect we will reach such a big numbers and as the time passed by we realized we need external help. We teach mostly English, so if you are fluent English speaker, we would be happy to have you on board! 


Currently we teach every day from Monday to Friday, only in the evenings from 7pm till 9pm and this would be your working time, which means that whole day you can spend discovering the beauty of the island or engage in other projects of your choice. 


We accommodate you in the local family house of the students learning in Wake Up Zanzibar not far from the school. The school and the houses are located in Fuoni – East Central part of Zanzibar, 15 minutes from Stonetown (by local transport travelling every 5 minutes), 40 minutes from Paje – kitesurfing center with amazing beaches, restaurants and parties. You will have your own room with double bed (pictures below) and local African food.


We would like to make it easy for the family to host foreigners and we realize that you are giving us a lot of value by teaching our children, so we tried to make the costs as low as possible and ask for small donation of 5$ per day per person. You will pay it directly to the family – you can pay for a week upfront or month upfront however you feel comfortable whenever you arrive. There is no need of paying anything before arrival. The price includes 3 meals per day and costs of electricity, so it is really just to cover the costs of your stay.


One of the teachers is also a guide tour, so you will be able to discover Zanzibar for the lowest price available on the island!

One of our volunteers (Olimpia) lives in the small house on the beach, so you will also be welcomed to stay there on weekends free of charge 🙂


Please, remember you are visiting the island, where 99% of inhabitants  are muslim, so we want to make sure that you know basic rules to respect the culture of the local family:

1. Drinking or coming back home drunk is very unwelcomed. Since you will be working on weekdays and your weekends you will have off, we would kindly reccommend to party only on weekends. This rule is essential for getting accepted for our project.

2. Remember to bring clothes that cover your legs and shoulders. In small village, such as Fuoni, you will simply feel more comfortable wearing something appropriate to the culture. Shorts and tops are allowed in more touristic areas and on the beaches.




Bedroom in a local family house

Children are waiting for you! 🙂


Bedroom in a local family house

Simple kitchen


Livingroom in a local family house

Simple kitchen