Passionate teachers with mission to deliver the education to everyone in need

Our Story

We are non-profit organization that aims to provide education to children from less-affluent families and the ones that do not have parents. Our mission is to deliver free knowledge to all the children in need. We believe education is the key to better life and the first step for development of the society as a whole.

We have started 3 years ago as a small group of people with 12 children and 8 teachers. Today, we have 160 children and 6 teachers and the numbers are still growing! It gives us a lot of motivation, but with increasing number of students, increases the number of needs that we need to fulfill, such as space for teaching and teachers willing to work for free.

If you believe in the same values as we do and you are willing to donate to our project or join our NGO as a teacher, contact us!


Ramadhan Maulid

Chairman and Founder

At WUZA I teach English, Environment preservation and Life skills. In free time I read books and watch football games.

Yussuf  Mohamed

English Teacher

At WUZA I teach English and History of Zanzibar. I am a professional tour guide. My hobby is reading and playing football.

Amour Mohd Salim

Secretary General

At WUZA I teach English and Kiswahil. I study Business Administration at Zanzibar University. I like reading books.

Olimpia Garbal 

Assistant and Business Management Teacher

At WUZA I organize Business Management Course and help to develop the organization. In free time I write stories about Zanzibar life, sing and play ukulele.

Issa Moh’d Abdullah

English Teacher

At WUZA I teach English. I am also a diver and watersport teacher. I like swimming in the ocean.

Juma Mussa Ame

English Teacher and Accountant 

At WUZA I teach English and take care about expenses. I am also an owner of a small shop. I like playing games.