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Wake Up Zanzibar (WUZA) is a non-profit organization that aims at providing education to orphans and children from less affluent backgrounds. Our mission is to deliver free knowledge to all the children in need. Our organization believes that education is the key to a brighter future and the first step towards developing the community as a whole.

 WUZA started 3 years ago with a small group of 8 teachers and 12 ambitious students. Today, our organization has 160 children and 6 teachers but the numbers are constantly growing! The increasing number of students gives them the motivation to continue teaching for free. However, it also increases the need for extra classrooms, extra teachers, and extra teaching materials.

If you share the same values as Wake Up Zanzibar and you are willing to volunteer in our NGO, or donate, Please contact us!


Ramadhan Maulid

Chairman and Founder

At WUZA I teach English, Environment preservation and Life skills. In free time I read books and watch football games.

Yussuf  Mohamed

English Teacher

At WUZA I teach English and History of Zanzibar. I am a professional tour guide. My hobby is reading and playing football.

Amour Mohd Salim

Secretary General

At WUZA I teach English and Kiswahil. I study Business Administration at Zanzibar University. I like reading books.

Olimpia Garbal 

Assistant and Business Management Teacher 

At WUZA I organize Business Management Course and help to develop the organization. In free time I write stories about Zanzibar life, sing and play ukulele.

Issa Moh’d Abdullah

English Teacher

At WUZA I teach English. I am also a diver and watersport teacher. I like swimming in the ocean.

Juma Mussa Ame

English Teacher and Accountant 

At WUZA I teach English and take care about expenses. I am also an owner of a small shop. I like playing games.



We created our organization 3 years ago and we have been teaching for free since then, because we love doing it and we believe everyone should have right to education. This right was given to us and we want to make sure we pay it forward to the next generation of youth.


Some organizations create special housings for volunteers and charge money for it. We believe your work and time is the most valuable thing that you can give to us, so we will accommodate you in a local family house, where you will be able to experience how they live, try authentic African food and share their joys and problems. Even though the housing will not be luxurious, we will make sure that you will feel like home.  Cause we are not only the organization. We are family, so we will make sure you will feel safe.


Turquoise water, white, almost uninhabited beaches, coconuts picked straight from the tree, flavors of local fruits and vegetables and hakuna-matata-like approach to life, makes it feel like a paradise on Earth. So if you want to do something good for others and for yourself, Zanzibar is a place to be. 

I had troubles finding a relevant, trustworthy NGO that would share my values, such as openness, truthfullness and trustfulness. Unfortunately, I must say, a lot of organizations that I stumbled upon in Africa, disappointed me, cause they were purely money-oriented. They were (and they unfortunately still are) making money on volunteers that were (are) coming to help their children and society, investing their time and energy. I wasn’t really sure if it’s possible to find a organization that would not be created for that purpose. Until I met guys from Wake Up Zanzibar. Their energy, the true joy of working with children, children’s smiles while learning and unbelievably effective teaching methods made me want to help them grow the organization, so they can deliver the education to wider range of children in need. I finally feel that my time is spent worthwhile. Thank you guys, for bringing purpose to my life. Asante Sana!



I am so thankful that Issa brought me to WUZA. Since my first time at WUZA  I really started to love you all. Every conversation I am having with the students  is enlightening. I learned a lot from you.

Thanks for welcoming me so friendly. You are all doing an amazing job every evening.

The students are learning a lot and the most important thing they like to come every evening to WUZA. You managed to create an atmosphere that enables learning and trusting each other. The kids are not just learning English they also learn something for life and that is so important. Thank you that I was allowed the last three months to be a part of this project, it really makes me proud.

You are fantastic!

Not only thank you for having me, but also for bringing me home every day, it really helped me that you were going with me. Asanteni sana! Sophie